Our Engagement Process

Our engagement process involves a few simple steps as we work together over a period of a few weeks and perform the following:

1.     Initial fact finding meeting to discuss and understand more about your business and objectives, including locations, employees, expansion plans, and existing telecommunications infrastructure;

2.     We collect copies of various telecom and data network services billings;

3.     We execute a Confidentiality Agreement;

4.     We obtain Letters of Authorization, allowing us to obtain and audit the detailed Phone Company billing records and monthly expenses;

5.     We will review your business requirements for Voice and Data Services;

6.     We conduct due diligence meetings to learn about your organizations challenges and desired goals and objectives;

7.     We will conduct an on-site technical audit of your equipment and services;

8.     We will research and negotiate better network service options with the various service providers;

9.     We will present an Audit Report with our associated findings and recommendations, which will address improving services, reducing costs, deploying the latest technology, and helping you better serve your customers and employees;

10.  Jointly we will determine which, if any of the recommendations require additional consideration, new contracts, including system upgrades and/or replacements;

11.  Upon your request, we will engineer, design, and implement a new telecommunications system, as required, to meet your objectives.


The Telecommunications Audit

While many organizations have an excellent understanding of their network services and associated recurring expenses, and manage these expenses closely, we find this to be more the exception than the rule.  In fact, we are often told by a prospective client that they “watch this very closely…..” or “you won’t find anything…..”, only to discover significant cost savings and unknown charges.  In one recent case where the customer told us just that, we discovered a billing error and were able to obtain a refund from the Phone Company in excess of $28,000!   While every client’s situation is unique, the one aspect that remains constant is that the telecommunications industry is a complex world and you just might be surprised by the results of our experienced team’s review of your services.